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Sima Moradbeigi

who lived in the Kurdish province of Bukan, took part in the protests very early on after the violent death of Mahsa Jina Amini. On October 21, 2022, the protesters were surrounded on three sides by the regime forces, who brutally attacked and shot at the civilian population. Sima had lost sight of her husband and was running with the crowd towards the next street up and stopped at the metal gate of a hospital when an Islamic Republic agent pushed his gun through the metal grate, put it on Sima’s arm and pulled the trigger Sima fell to the ground, bleeding profusely. Her clothes and shoes were immediately wet with blood. She held on to her arm and managed to walk a few steps, where others took notice of her.

They tied her arm tightly, called her husband and tried to take her to the local hospital, which everyone advised against as it was swarming with Revolutionary Guards. Sima was taken to a small clinic. When they opened her sleeve, a bowl full of bone splinters and shotgun pellets fell down. The doctor on duty said that Sima had to be taken to hospital in a larger town immediately. The bleeding could not be stopped. Sima fainted. They were told that she would not make it to Tabriz or Urmia without a blood transfusion. At Bukan Hospital, the Revolutionary Guards prevented a blood transfusion. She was driven to the private Milad Hospital in Urmia, where she was given a blood transfusion. Sima’s elbow joint was shredded by the shotgun blast. Around 80 shotgun pellets were removed from her arm. However, there are at least another 150 pellets in her arm.

When Sima was in hospital in Urmia, the regime henchmen visited her family and asked after her. She never returned home and went into hiding. The threats from the security forces became more and more massive. Sima, her husband and 3-year-old daughter fled to Iraq with the help of smugglers and stayed there illegally in Sulaymaniyah. They were unable to get medical help there. In addition, they were not protected from the mullahs’ extended arm. The Munich Circle became aware of Sima’s fate and made it possible for the young family to enter Germany

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