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The Munich Circle

The Munich Circle e.V. is a non-profit association founded by German-Iranians from Munich.

The association is politically neutral, non-denominational and free of ideologies. The founding members of The Munich Circle e.V. are advocates for freedom and human rights. Through their multifaceted work they aim to heighten public awareness of the human rights violations in Iran, and above all, reorientation of the German government’s policy on Iran. Furthermore, The Munich Circle supports refugees – especially Iranians who have lost their eyes or suffered eye injuries in the course of the “Woman-Life-Freedom” movement – and works to create structures that enable refugees arriving in Germany to be integrated into the host society as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • The founding members of The Munich Circle are:
  • Prof.h.c. Amir-Mobarez Parasta, M.D., Physician, Entrepreneur & University Lecturer
  • Ali Khosrow-Shahian (M.A.), scholar of ethnology & history and culture of the Mittle Middle East, partner and sole authorized signatory in the franchising segment
  • Farhid Habibi, entrepreneur, managing partner in the construction segment, honorary board member of various sports & development associations in Munich
  • Niv Abootalebi, filmmaking cameraman
  • Keywan Kamyab, art and culture management, Differentia Art, Termeh cultural festival
  • Behrouz Nazari, entrepreneur in the construction industry


The Munic Circle Bylaws

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