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Mersedeh Shahinkar

took part in the protests following the violent death of Mahsa Jina Amini from the first day of the revolutionary movement and experienced the atrocities committed by the regime troops first hand every day. On many days, she inhaled tear gas, which caused nausea and headaches. She ran away dozens of times from the onrushing regime henchmen. On the night that Evin Prison was burning, Mersedeh was demonstrating with her mother and friends when masked plainclothesmen on motorcycles shot her and hit her in the eye.

The regime henchmen in civilian clothes wanted to take away Mersedeh, who was seriously injured in the eye, but the people managed to remove her from the scene in a car. The first operation was performed the very next day, followed by a second operation on the badly damaged eye the following week. Mersedeh suffered extreme pain. She began to spread her story and the crime of the regime henchmen on social media. She met other Iranians with eye injuries and their stories became known internationally. This became a problem.

Security forces of the mullah regime attacked her home on 24.01.2023. Fortunately, Mersedeh and her daughter were not at home. They searched and ransacked the apartment, taking USB sticks, hard drives, cell phones and her diary. Mersedeh knew that her life as she had known it was now over. She went into hiding and stopped her social media activities. Plainclothes security officers watched her apartment. Mersedeh was forced to flee her home country. She left Iran for Turkey and intensified her activities there.

As henchmen of the mullah regime are active in Turkey, Mersedeh and her daughter were in constant danger. She was threatened with deportation to Iran with unforeseeable consequences. Relief then came in the form of entry into Munich, which Munich Circle arranged in cooperation with German authorities. We depend on donations to continue our work effectively and help other people affected. By supporting The Munich Circle e.V., you are helping particularly efficiently, as we have no administrative costs and do our work on a voluntary basis. We also dispense with expensive certificates, donation seals etc. to ensure that your donations get to where they are needed. Donors naturally receive a donation receipt from us, which they can claim for tax purposes.

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