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Ali Delpasand

had responded to Ali Karimi’s call to protest against the mullah regime and was traveling with his wife and daughter in a motorcade on 15.11.2022 together with other protesters when a regime henchman shot at his car with a shotgun from a distance of around 4 meters. Ali Delpasand was seriously injured in the face and head. The shot ultimately blinded his left eye. His wife was also hit by shotgun pellets. His daughter was miraculously unharmed in this terrible incident.

With the help of those present, the family was taken away from the scene. Ali Delpasand was turned away at several small clinics, partly because the staff were afraid to treat him and partly because there were no specialists present to treat his injuries. With the help of a doctor friend, Ali Delpasand finally went to Gil Hospital in Rasht. After a thorough examination and a CT scan, he was finally transferred to Farabi Hospital in Tehran. He subsequently underwent three eye operations.

There are still some shotgun pellets lodged in Ali’s head and neck area, some of which cause severe head and eye pain. Ali Delpasand tried to disappear for the sake of his family and did not undertake any activities at all. Nevertheless, his face and his fate were eventually published along with photos. After the regime began arresting, interrogating, intimidating and harassing protesters with eye injuries, the family was forced to leave Iran. They did not feel safe in Turkey from the mullahs’ henchmen. His daughter was exposed to extreme psychological stress for months.

The Munich Circle became aware of Ali Delpasand’s fate and, in close cooperation with the German authorities, made it possible for the family to enter Germany In order to continue our work effectively and help other victims, we are dependent on donations. By supporting The Munich Circle e.V., you are helping particularly efficiently, as we have no administrative costs and carry out our work on a voluntary basis. We also dispense with expensive certificates, donation seals etc. so that your donations arrive where they are needed.

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