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Your Donations for Humanity

Your donation reaches the needy in its entirety. Currently, your donation is being used for families, who are in urgent need of medical and psychological examinations.


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We depend on your donations!

The Munich Circle is a non-profit organization operating by its founding members on a voluntary basis. However, the increasing expenses associated with the group’s efforts along with the desire to manage and implement every project efficiently and successfully, require the organization to humbly ask for your monetary donations. By supporting The Munich Circle e.V. you help our organization maintain its operations without any overhead and administrative costs. We do so without unnecessary and often costly certificates, donation seals and other similar practices in order for your donations to go where they are most needed.

Donors will, of course, receive a donation receipt from us, which they can claim against tax. We appreciate your contribution to our organization and ask that you also share this with your network in order to draw and expand attention to the human rights violations. Your donations enable us to improve the lives of the oppressed people and to amplify their voices! Your regular contributions, however small, play an important role in allowing us to continue our work in a consistent and meaningful way.

Thank You! Vielen Dank!

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