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Saman, the revolutionary with an eye injury, is finally safe.

Saman, who had already made an appearance as a political activist before the violent death of Mahsa Zhina Amini, had been taking part in protests in Tehran since the first day of the revolutionary movement and was recognized very early on by the security authorities of the Islamic Republic. On the night of 01.10.2022, a regime henchman dressed in civilian clothes recognized Saman and shot him in the left eye with a massive paintball at close range, causing Saman to lose his sight forever. After 2 hospitals refused to admit him, Saman was admitted to the 3rd hospital. The severely injured eye was operated on to preserve its appearance. However, the eye has lost its sight permanently. As Saman was extremely active on social media, he was wanted by the mullahs’ security officials and was forced to leave Iran as quickly as possible in order to go into hiding. However, he continued his political activities and gave interviews to CNN, New York Times, ITV, Manoto, Iran International and many other media outlets.

However, fleeing to Turkey by no means meant a life of safety and comfort. Saman had to go into hiding there to escape the mullahs’ extended arm. This psychological pressure was compounded by physical ailments. His injured eye was in urgent need of treatment. It hurt and caused a hellish headache. He had not seen a doctor for 9 months. Munich Circle took on this matter and, as in the case of Zaniar, managed to bring Saman to Germany so that he could regain his human rights and dignity.

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