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Farough “Arastoo” Pasbar

was attacked at close range with shotgun ammunition and seriously injured on his way back from the cemetery to the city after the funeral service to mark the 40th anniversary of Mahsa Jina Amini’s death. He was shot in the face and upper body with a full load of shotgun ammunition from a few meters away. He collapsed, covered in blood, and with a lot of luck was taken away from the scene by friends. However, he did not go to the local hospital out of fear. They found a nurse who gave him administered medication and painkillers at home. However, Arastoo needed to be taken to hospital urgently. The local hospital was monitored and injured people were immediately registered or arrested. He was taken to a hospital in Tabriz where he was operated on. The doctors treating him told him that his injured eye was in a bad condition. He also lost some teeth He also lost some teeth as a result of the shelling. Many shotgun pellets have been removed, but there are still dozens of other pellets in his face and body that are causing him problems and pain. Many of the shot pellets are still lodged in his face and body. He was harassed, threatened and persecuted by agents of the mullah regime and was forced to flee.


After his escape, he got in touch with the board of The Munich Circle e.V., which worked with the German authorities to bring Arastoo and his family to Germany. Now he can receive the medical care he needs in safety.

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