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Online petition for democracy and human rights in Iran

What originally started as a reaction to the violent death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini by the “morality police” has long since ceased to be a protest against the compulsory headscarf or a pure women’s movement! It is now about the regime itself. The courageous Iranian demonstrators risk their lives every day by taking to the streets to demand their rights as humans. The repressive mullah regime follows the despot’s handbook in its brutal suppression of the protests. It responds with arbitrary and unimaginable violence and does not even shy away from using live ammunition against unarmed citizens, many of which are under the age of 18. The Internet has been throttled in order to limit information sharing, real-time news and the submission of pictures and videos reflecting the atrocities of the Islamic Republic to other countries in this world.

Government thugs and the Basij militia, as well as other regime henchmen, roam the streets, launch physical attacks, abduct, rape, beat to death, and shoot protesters, some of whom are minors. As the death toll rises daily, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi disrespectfully, derisively, and cynically refers to protesters as “flies” on state television. In view of the countless daily crimes committed against the Iranian people, the international community, and above all the Federal Republic of Germany, can and must no longer stand idly by.

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