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Hasti Hossein Panahi

attached a handwritten flyer with the message “Frau Leben Freiheit” (Woman Life Freedom) to a car that happened to belong to the bank director of her town on November 7, 2022. She was flown by surveillance cameras during this action. Two days later intelligence officers from the Ministry of Education appeared at Hasti’s school in collaboration with the principal. This came at a time when security forces were beginning to occupy schools to intimidate students during the riots. Hasti was called to the office of the principal’s office. What happened to Hasti during the interrogation remains unknown to this day. At around 1 p.m., Hasti was seen running to her school bus, completely distraught, shaking and with her hair disheveled. Regime forces tried in vain to drag her off the bus. On the bus, she was visibly agitated and panicked, talking about her fear of being arrested and attacks on her family. Five minutes into the journey, Hasti threw herself out of the slow-moving bus onto the road and lay seriously injured. She was in a coma for six months. She was denied proper treatment and threats were made against her and her family, which is why they eventually had to flee Iran.


After her escape, they got in touch with the board of The Munich Circle e.V., which worked with the German authorities to bring Hasti and her family to Germany. Now she can receive the medical care she needs in safety.

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