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Asal Jazideh

was taking part in the protests against the mullah regime on October 1, 2022 on the occasion of the violent death of Masha Jina Amini when she was attacked by anti-riot units. As she tried to run away, she heard a loud bang and felt her face getting wet. As she fled into a side street, she fell into a kind of trance and can only remember the events dimly. Her left eye went blind due to the shotgun blast. Despite the doctors’ attempts to save her eye, her eyeball had to be surgically removed. Her right eye was also hit by shotgun pellets. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the pressure on her from the regime increased. She received warning text messages and calls from the secret service telling her to come forward. Asal and her mother were no longer safe in Iran and, as painful as it is, were forced to leave their home country.


After their escape, they contacted the board of The Munich Circle e.V., which worked with the German authorities to bring Asal and her mother to Germany. Now they can both receive the medical care they need in safety.

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